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 2019 Suskie Bassmaster’s College Scholarship

For the last 14 years the Suskie Bassmasters have always tried to be to more than just another fishing club. While we have certainly enjoyed the weekly competitions during our Summer and Fall series tournaments over these many years, we have always felt a calling to lend a hand or give a little something back whenever we can.

Since our founding in February 2005, we have stayed true to that commitment and have participated in many local events to promote the well-being of our sport, our community, and our environment. Our Partnerships with the awesome people at the Riverfront Parks Committee and the Wilkes-Barre Public Works Department have paid dividends over the years. John Mayday and Butch Frati have come through for us more times than we can remember!

-We participate annually in the Great American Cleanup (Earth Day), and volunteered our time last year to clean up the incredible mess left behind from the winter ice jam and flooding to ready Nesbitt park for River Fest.

- We started a GoFundMe initiative and partnered with Butch Frati’s team at the Wilkes-Barre Public Works Department to install solar lighting in the Nesbitt boat launch parking lot.

- We partnered with Cabela's and gave away 75 rods and reels to local children during River Fest in one of our most rewarding events ever.   

- We lent a hand to John Mayday and the Riverfront Parks Committee and participated in Chalk Fest where our members spent a day teaching local children how to fish, some for the first time in their lives.

- We plowed through the mountain of paperwork and received a grant to install benches along the river near the launch and although the ice damage of 2018 claimed those, we are looking to replace them as soon as possible.

- In 2017, we were the recipient of the Environmental Partnership Award, presented by the PA Environmental Council and the Northeast PA Environmental Partners.

- In 2018, we accepted the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Professionals Walter Lyon Award, which recognized our past, present and future work enhancing the Nesbitt park area and our local impact in the community.

- We've been spotlighted by several local media outlets including Tom Venesky from the Times Leader and Pennsylvania Outdoor Life with Don Jacobs.

In 2018, during one of our general membership meetings, one of our members, Raymond Jones, came up with a novel idea. Instead of rewarding our Angler Of The Year with a cash prize, why don't we use that money to make a difference in some local student's life? Someone who plans on pursuing a career in a field of study related to what we have all come to love and respect...OUR environment.

Needless to say, It didn’t take long to get everyone on board and the Suskie Scholarship Fund was born.

We are very pleased to announce that starting this year, the Suskie Bassmasters will be offering a $500 scholarship to one local high school student who is planning on pursuing a career in Environmental or related Sciences.

In order to qualify for the scholarship, the student must have a 75 GPA and be committed to pursuing a career geared toward the environment. Eligible Majors include but are not limited to Environmental Science or Engineering, Biology, or Geology. The application can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Click here for the application and submit it by April 1, 2019.