Jamie Gorton

In Memory of James Gorton Sr.

3 weeks left to go in our Series! We had 43 anglers come out last night and 33 brought in fish last night. Thank you for your continued  support!

Your top 5 Last night:​
Kenny Phillips - 2.94
Andy Nealon - 2.35
Chuck Saypack - 1.93
Corey Hamm - 1.86
Allen Casal - 1.85

          Small Fish - Donny Parsons - 0.89
John Nealon won the 50/50
                              Trophies last night were donated by Pizza Bella. 

 Thank You!

Rob and Lynda Rosencrans

In Memory of Frank Scerbo

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Gene Kelleher

Team Suskie Finishes #2 in our first ever Dragon Boat races!

8-17 Winners Circle

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3 Weeks to go in the summer series... Who will be the 2016 AOY?

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